In Associatated with Anup Institute of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation (AIOR) & Bihar Orthopaedic Association (BOA)


President BOA
Dr. Rakesh Chaudhary

Dr. R. N. Singh

Organizing Chairman
Dr. Ashish Singh
Organizing Co - Chairman
Mrs. Shilpi Singh
Organizing Secretary
Dr. Ashok Singh
Dr. Rajeev Anand
Organizing Co - Secretary
Dr. Purushotam
Dr. Samarth
Dr. Kishori Singh
Dr. J. K. Jain
Scientific Committee Co-Ordinator
Dr. Kushagra
Dr. Sushil Singh
Dr. Ashish Chand
Scientific Committee
Dr. Rakesh Chaudhary
Dr. Rajeev Anand
Dr. Arnab Sinha
Dr. Ashish Singh
Dr. Ritesh Runu
Dr. Nishikant
Quiz Committee
Dr. Arnab Sinha
Dr. Sushil Singh
Dr. Alok Kumar Singh
Executive Committee
Dr. S. S. Jha
Dr. (Capt) Vijay Shankar Singh
Dr. D. K. Sinha
Dr. V. K. Sinha
Dr. H. N. Diwakar
Dr. John Mukhopadhaya
Dr. Ashok. K. Sinha
Dr. Ranjeet Singh
Dr. N. K. Singh
Dr. Bharat Singh
Dr. Santosh Kumar
Dr. Ritesh Runu
Dr. Mahesh Prasad
Dr. Praveen Sahu
Dr. Madhusudan Kumar
Dr. Arvind Gupta
Dr. Ramit Gunjan
Dr. Rajat Charan
Dr. K. S. Anand
Dr. Anoop Kumar
Dr. Sanjay Shrivastava
Dr. Shamsul Hoda
Dr. Vikas Kumar
Dr. Bhuwan Singh
Dr. B.N.Singh
Workshop Co-Ordinator
Dr. Alok Kumar Singh
Dr. Shashi kant kumar
Dr. Sushil Singh
Dr. Nishikant
Dr. Sudeep
Dr. Anup
Dr. Ramakant
Dr. Purushotam
Conference Secretariat Office and event Coordinators
Mr. Tushar Keshri
AMC Coordinator
Miss. Prity Singh
Backoffice support
Mr. Amit Sinha
IT support and coordinator
Mr. Shivam Anand
Trade Coordinator
Ms. Nivedita Garg
Hospitality Management
Ms. Priya Shrivastava
Hospitality Management
Ms. Gagan Preet Kaur Mann
Hospitality Management
Mr. Ashesh Kumar
Tour and Travel Coordinator
Mr. Sanjay Rastogi
Mr. Shankar Ghosh


Question: The most common indication for knee joint replacement is

Options :
1. ACL reconstruction that fails   2. disabling painful arthritis
3. failed medial and lateral meniscectomies   4.  knee trauma superimposed on obesity

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